City Secretary • City of Coffee City

Nov. 2017 – Jan. 2021

•         Designed and installed the first computer network for the city using Windows 2016 server with Active Directory. Implemented the installation and oversaw securing high-speed network, and VOIP telephone system.

•         Managed all A/P and A/R accounts, maintained the city’s accounting transactions, and moved the city towards the GASB accounting standards.

•         In charge of document management and retention.

•         In charge of Human Resources, and Payroll.


IT Manager • Women’s Total Care • Mar. 2014 – May 2017

•         Installed and maintained all aspects of the company’s computer systems, along with a Windows Server 2012 with Active Directory.

•         Worked directly with the owner, manager and staff in creating and maintaining network use protocols and procedures.

•         Maintained relationships with equipment and service providers to ensure a high level of uptime.


IT/Software Consultant • FRC Technologies • Jan. 2009 to Aug. 2017

•         Developed software for over 20 clients including the installation of VOIP telephone systems used by a political Super PAC for the 2012 Presidential, state, and local elections. I developed software for tracking election contacts and results.

•         Developed web sites and web-based interfaces for several software projects, for the company, and for clients.


Owner • Xenolith Technology Group • May 2003 – Jan. 2009

•         Managed all aspects of a small business including, but not limited to accounting, sales, customer service, and account management.

•         Designed, implemented, and updated consumer and business computer systems and networks for several public, and private entities.


IT Manager • Ticora Geosciences • Nov. 2001 – Mar 2003

•         Managed all aspects of the companies Information Technology needs including developing network systems allowing the company to enter data from remote locations.

•         Assisted in the development for company’s testing and monitoring procedures, hardware, and software.

•         Helped to create automated software, used by the company, to identify the amount and accessibility of “Coal Bed Methane” stored in coal seams.

•         Learned all major aspects of the company’s business processes in order to support the needs of the end users.

Contractor • Self Employed • Apr. 2001 – Nov 2001

•         Developed web-based applications to meet customers specific needs. Worked with Intuit engineers to develop custom interfaces to meet customer reporting and data entry needs.

•         Designed and installed network infrastructures for several clients varying from medical offices, manufacturing, and

•         production facilities.

•         Created software to interface dispirit systems so they could communicate.

Software Engineer • New Era of Networks • Apr. 1998 – Apr. 2001

•         Developed software to integrate multiple software packages into one cohesive package.

•         Worked with the S.W.I.F.T. software alliance to develop software for the banking community.

•         Managed teams of software engineer in developing software to connect financial software packages like PeopleSoft, Oracle, and JD Edwards financial software.

•         Created specialized software to test financial accounting packages to meet federal and international standards.


Software Test Engineer • Attachmate Inc • Jan. 1996 – Apr. 1998

•         Developed software to test the Attachmate communication software.

•         Created interfaces for customer integration with the Attachmate software.

•         Lead a software test team responsible for proving the reliability and usability of the “Attachmate EXTRA!” communications package, while designing new processes and procedures for the testing and use of the company’s products.

•         Managed a team of software engineers in localizing and testing several of the company’s products, into over thirty different languages.

•         Assisted with the creation of a dedicated Configuration Management group for the company.


Software Test Engineer • Autotester Inc • Feb. 1993 – Dec. 1995

•         Developed testing software for Fortune 500 clients.

•         Managed accounts with several banks, and the US Government.

•         Trained clients on test software, and best practices for developing test procedures.

•         Created several software add-ons for specific client applications.


Department Manager • Walwart/Sams • Oct 1986 – Feb. 1993

•         Ordered supplies

•         Managed customer expectations

•         Managed a crew of three to five technicians

•         Preventative maintenance on machines

•         Trained employees, and customers on photography and photo processing.

•         Responsible for managing department employees.

•         Ordered products, and designed special events.

•         Managed customer expectations.


Computer Science • Aug. 1982 – Mar. 1985 • Richland C0llege


Volunteer Experience or Leadership

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